30 Years of Experience
Expert Flooring Services
  • Sand and Refinish

Our Services Include:

  • Water Pop Staining
  • Screen and Recoat​


CHP has helped many homeowners achieve a perfect result in the luster of their floors.  We are accustomed to working in large, small, old, new and historical homes.


When refinishing commercial buildings you can’t just trust anyone.  CHP has worked with many prestigious businesses refinishing auditoriums, stages, warehouses, dance floors, etc.


Our refinishing team makes every effort to help homeowners with hardwood floors understand the different processes of refinishing, as well as, the proper maintenance for successful upkeep in the future.

Sand & Refinish Like New!

CHP, Inc. offers refinishing of existing wood floors​

Foot traffic can take a toll on your hardwood floors. Our refinishing team can spruce up your floors to a mirror-like shine without having to do a full replacement.

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